Ingrid Elias
UX/UI Designer


b. 1986, HK.


My name is Ingrid Elias and I am a UX/UI designer with a passion for research and finding out what makes people tick. I am a "creative person" in all aspects of the phrase, and I live life creatively and approach problems from a uniquely eccentric perspective. Recently I've broken into the world of public speaking and haven't looked back, excited about sharing what I know with the community.

I'm not afraid to say "I don't know," and think that a willingness to admit this only opens one up to more opportunities and experiences. I am tireless in my quest to learn and improve my skills. I have a weakness for green tea ice cream and anything pickled.


Interaction Design
User Testing
User Interviewing
Web & Mobile Design



I think UXD should be approached the same way that the Japanese approach hospitality: omotenashi. Anticipating the user's wants and needs before they realize it themselves is the essence of successful, seamless user experiences. I conduct interviews & tests as well as create personas & user flows in order to iterate on and perfect concepts and designs.



I create easy to understand wireframes quickly, so that the iteration process can keep the project moving forward. I like testing my concepts for usability in prototyping software like InVision, Marvel, Principle, and Origami Studio. I think that it's essential to gather feedback and test your designs before going forward with one concept.



I feel at home when creating pixel perfect designs for my mock ups. With an eye for detail, I love making unique icons and illustrations for my projects. Sketch & Adobe are my best friends, and I'm always exploring new programs and processes. From SVG icon fonts to graphic banners & broadcast assets, I have experience in a wide range of creative asset making.