Paycrave, an established brand, approached with the task to design a sleek and intuitive user interface for their newly envisioned mobile application. The challenge was presented to me in this scenario:

"Several mobile payment solutions exist currently, like Square Cash or PayPal mobile. However, when pertaining to food trucks, a well-designed solution hasn't been created. This consumer app allows users to discover nearby food trucks, and select food to purchase. Users can also view their previous transactions, and provide feedback for each food truck they've purchased from."


User polling and prototyping played a large role in the realization of this project. Since the company already had a clear vision and direction for their application, it was important to survey users in order to refine user stories and give hierarchy to the most important application features for the first launch.

Another goal of mine during this project was to create a unique on-boarding experience and design eye-catching blank states.  I wanted to add to the brand's uniqueness through the creation of custom illustrations and animations. Bouncy, softly designed icons and flat illustrations add to the playfulness of the brand.

User Stories

User Flows




After finishing my wireframes, I moved them into a clickable low-fidelity prototype using InVision. With my InVision prototype, I was able to test these initial designs for usability before starting on my mock-ups. I received video feedback and was able to adjust the difficulties users had moving through the designs. From there, I was able to iterate on my designs until it was time to move on to the mockup phase and start the applications UI.


On-Boarding Process

iOS Designs

Paycrave's Styleguide

Typography & Color Palette