I like to think of myself as a "creative person" in all aspects of the phrase. I live life creatively and approach problems from a uniquely eccentric perspective.

I am never afraid to say "I don't know," and think that a willingness to admit this only opens one up to more opportunities and experiences. I am tireless in my desire to learn and improve on what I already know. I have a weakness for green tea ice cream and anything pickled.



Interaction Design

Web & Mobile





I think UXD should be approached the same way that the Japanese approach hospitality: omotenashi. Anticipating the user's wants and needs before they realize it themselves is the essence of successful, seamless user experiences. I use surveys, personas, user stories, flows, and tests to iterate on and perfect concepts and designs.


I create sleek and easy to understand wireframes quickly, so that the iteration process can keep the project moving forward. I like testing my concepts for usability in prototyping software like InVision, Marvel, and Origami Studio. I think that it's important to gather feedback from multiple sources before going forward with one design.

Pixel Pushing

I feel most in my element when creating pixel perfect designs and illustrations for my mock ups. With an eye for detail, I love making unique icons and illustrations for my projects. Sketch, Illustrator, and photoshop are my best friends, and I'm always exploring new programs and processes. From SVG icon fonts to graphic banners & broadcast assets, I have experience in a wide range of creative asset making.