Ingrid Elias
UX/UI Designer




The approach

Prott, a prototyping web and mobile app, was going through a renewal and I was brought on to join the UX team in improving the way users interacted with the product. Establishing good communication with the customer support team and the development team was crucial in moving the product forward, so I kept the site map up-to-date for the web and mobile team.


the process

As the UX designer assigned to the web team, I was responsible for writing specs every time we began development on a new feature that affected the mobile iOS and Android app. This included mapping out user flows, creating interaction animations, and adding finished screen mock-ups to the spec documents in order to fully flesh-out the feature.


Foundational Research & Interviews

The target user had changed during the course of the product's lifetime, so our team conducted foundational & generative research by interviewing current users about how prototyping impacts their daily work. We asked a variety of questions regarding their roles and then moved on to card-sorting and journey mapping activities to find out more clearly where they encountered difficulties during their jobs.

From this research, we were able to synthesize the data and make three distinct personas that focused on our top three target users. The data revealed a variety of pain points that our users frequently faced, giving us ample room to develop useful features and tailor the product to better fit these clients. We were able to gain a better understanding of the people that were using our product and empathize with their struggles.