Galleria came to us asking for a re-design of one of their product landing pages; the "Gamemaster" series of gaming PC's. Their goal was to direct more traffic to the site and to drive people to engage in the esports community they were building.

The site was difficult to navigate, and it was not intuitive or easy for users to find product information. The company also had a loyalty program, and the benefits of becoming a member by buying one of their products was not immediately obvious. In addition, they had several corporate partnerships that wanted special promotional for the burgeoning esports market.


The first thing we looked at when approaching this project was the navigational architecture and user flow. The Galleria "Gamemaster" website was convoluted, and the product description pages were dense with technical jargon. Few call-to-actions were included on pages, so it was difficult for users to know how to buy the machine. While increasing traffic was important, structuring the site so users were driven to make a purchase was even more so.

We proposed a structural re-design, breaking the site down into clear categories before working on wireframes and visual designs. We wanted to engage users with product images that showcased what was truly unique about the product compared to what was already on the market.



Restructuring the original website's navigation system was the most important step in this project. To give customers more freedom, we implemented multiple ways to explore the site; a navigation bar to jump to specific pages, as well as a comprehensive landing page that provided a more holistic view of the product.

We made the language more clear, cleaning up copy problems by simplifying and summarizing. We also made sure there were multiple ways to flow through the site and purchase a machine, moving that to a higher position in the structural hierarchy.


The Process

When approaching the visual side, I wanted to match the technical brevity that competing products were using in order to hold the interest of PC newbies, while also giving tech-savy shoppers the chance to learn each minute detail of the product. Since the "Gamemaster" series had a price point aimed at beginners, it was important to summarize and highlight features, pairing them with visually compelling images. I moved all the most relevant information above the fold, making sure Galleria didn't have to rely on users scrolling to understand the product.


UI Designs